Energy performance matters. Our performance matters too.
That's why companies like yours keep coming back to us

ADIAN Consulting Limited is an independent energy consulting practice established since April 2000. In the years that we've been going, the practice has built up a loyal client base that keeps coming back thanks to our highly effective energy-saving strategies. We've lowered operating costs, increased energy efficiency, ensured compliance - and saved companies a whole heap of money in the process! 

We put the 'care' into customer care. And then some...

Exceptional customer service is a given. Our clients know we put as much effort into our customer care as we do in delivering first-class technical advice. Our personalised approach means you don't just get an energy consultant - you get a dedicated and expert energy consultant. Your consultant is available from project start to project finish, giving you the security of a trusted relationship and the assurance that your business stays a priority throughout the process.  

We understand that you need someone who can come in and get the job done quickly, efficiently and effectively with little or no disruption to your business. Our highly experienced and accredited consultants have many years of experience and a proven track record in delivering customer satisfaction. We operate nationally in a wide range of sectors including education, health, commercial property and industrial. So wherever you are and whatever you do we can help.

You can trust us. These organisations did

"The old fashioned view of a consultant is someone who borrows your watch then tells you the time. ADIAN disproved this view and in turn proved to be a safe pair of hands, meeting their promise of reliability, responsiveness and independence. They were calmly professional which gave us confidence throughout the project and at the end they delivered." Greg Warwick, UK Facilities Manager, Cognita Schools

"The quality of ADIAN's presentation was very professional and to-the-point... ADIAN didn't just quote numbers, they were numbers related to actions, which made it compelling." Richard Gordon, Bursar, St. Peter's College, Oxford University