Display Energy Certificates

Display Energy Certificates

It is now a legal requirement for all large public buildings to possess a valid, unique Display Energy Certificate (DEC).  This forms part of the implementation in England and Wales of the European Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD).

What are Display Energy Certificates (DEC)?

Display Energy Certificates rate the energy efficiency of a building based on the amount of metered energy used over a period of 12 months.  Advisory Reports identifying potential opportunities to improve the energy rating of the building are also produced to accompany the DEC.  The Government's DEC Legislation aims to publicise and improve the energy profile of public buildings and to raise general awareness of energy efficiency.

Which buildings require a DEC?

A building requires a Display Energy Certificate if:

t is occupied in whole or part by a public authority or an organisation providing a public service and is visited by members of the public


- it has a total useful floor area of over 1,000m2

When will the regulations apply?

If you are the occupier of a qualifying building, you were required to have a DEC and accompanying Advisory Report in place by 1 October 2008.  DECs are valid for 12 months and must therefore be renewed annually.  Advisory Reports are valid for seven years.

DECs and advisory reports can only be issued by accredited Energy Assessors.  ADIAN Consulting employs CIBSE accredited Energy Assessors who are experienced in issuing Display Energy Certificates.

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