Energy Compliance

Keeping track of UK Government law can be a minefield. Mandatory schemes mean organisations are accountable for their energy consumption like never before. With ADIAN Consulting, you'll get peace of mind that you're fully compliant - not to mention avoid stinging fines and, in some cases, being publicly named and shamed.

You can count on us to know which compulsory schemes are due to come into force and what you need to do to comply. From your very first consultation, you'll get clear information on what's involved and how long it will take. Once you're on board, you'll be allocated a dedicated specialist consultant to work with your organisation from start to finish.

Compliance is a legal requirement but it's also the perfect opportunity to target energy-saving initiatives - great for your organisation's purse strings as well as its green credentials. Our expert consultants will leave you with recommendations and audit reports that, when implemented, will typically give you 5%-25% savings on your energy costs.

We work on an extensive range of commercial and public sector buildings, from complete property portfolios to single premises. If you are a manufacturing company, we can also review your process energy and suggest ways of reducing cost and consumption.

Take a look at how we can help you with compliance....

ESOS Assessment

As of January 2015, all large enterprises are legally obliged to comply with this mandatory scheme - or risk huge fines and public naming and shaming. A qualified and accredited Lead Assessor from ADIAN Consulting will ensure you're fully compliant, with one-site inspections and energy audits. You'll also be given a report outlining money-saving recommendations.


Air Conditioning Inspections

Air conditioning systems must be inspected every five years. Our accredited assessors will check your system for condition and operating performance plus identify ways to increase efficiency and reduce running costs. The inspection cost is normally quickly recovered via our energy-saving recommendations.

Display Energy Certificates (DEC)

Large public buildings are legally required to have a Display Energy Certificate, which gives an energy-efficiency rating. Depending on the size of the building, a DEC may only be valid for 12 months - so don't forget to book one of our CIBSE accredited assessors for your DEC renewal. Your DEC must be accompanied by an advisory report. You can rest assured that our experienced assessors will review your current advisory report and give you the information you need to improve building energy performance.

ISO 50001

ISO 50001 is a voluntary scheme which allows all types of organisations to develop an Energy Management System. Implementation of the system has a two-fold benefit - to conserve energy and to save money. ISO50001 also qualifies for ESOS compliance. Our ISO50001 experts will be with you every step of the way - from development of energy strategy through to target setting, results measuring and regular reviews.

Remember... the quicker you comply, the faster you can make potential savings in your organisation. Call now to book your FREE, no obligation telephone consultation