Utilities Management

Utilities Purchasing

ADIAN Consulting can save you real money and time by acting as your expert utilities energy buyer and consultant. 

After appointing ADIAN Consulting as your utilities advisory partner, our utilities consultants will manage the gas and electricity contract renewal process from start to finish on your behalf.  Our terms of engagement are flexible both in duration and the level of service offered.

Our Utilities Consultants are highly qualified and technically skilled to assist with meter operator agreements, supply capacity management, new supply additions, supply removals and supply contract termination.

Utilities Sub-metering

'If you can't measure it you can't manage it'.  It is an old management adage that remains as accurate today as it was in the 1960s.

All grid connected premises will have electricity and gas meters (Fiscal Meters) fitted for billing.  Premises using fuel oil, Propane or Butane as their main heating fuel are often not metered.

Our utilities consultants can provide independent advice on identifying sub-metering opportunities to enhance performance.  We also provide technical help with the implementation of sub-metering projects.