Our Training service is aimed at organisations that wish to facilitate a change in the internal culture to achieve a reduction in energy consumption, lower carbon emissions and create new levels of savings in avoidable costs.  Training works particularly well when it is introduced in support of an overarching strategy of reducing the organisation's carbon footprint. 

Behaviour Change

Change is generally started because an organisation has to respond to internal and external pressures.   If you are visiting our website for the first time and are interested in change management, it is likely that your organisation is either preparing for change, is in the middle of managing change or simply is having a hard time recovering from a previous change project. 

Green pressures, generated by changes in legislation, the emergence of corporate social responsibility and climate change, are new to many organisations and to the people who run them.  Adapting to a low carbon strategy generally means changing traditional practices and behaviours.  Good change management needs key people in the organisation to develop the necessary skills and the insight so that they can make a difference to the way things happen around them.

Our Behaviour Change service is designed to help ease the process of change for project managers and project leaders dealing with climate change issues. 

With help from our Low Carbon Consultants you will be able to deal head on with the challenges of change. We will help you create a personal leadership strategy that will motivate, persuade and inspire those around you to deliver your CSR and Sustainability agenda.  For a free initial consultation contact Robert Gevargiz on 01525 864389.

Attitude Surveys

If you wish to change the behaviour of your organisation we suggest you begin by seeing things from your staff's perspective.  Once you find out how they see the picture you can then explain your case using their terms of reference.

We've worked out highly effective ways of understanding how others see things and how their attitude might help or hinder the changes management wish to see.

Attitude Surveys can be regarded as a risk management tool.  They are a cost effective way of minimising risk when handling people oriented sensitive change management projects.

To find out more please contact Robert Gevargiz on 01525 864389 to discuss if an Attitude Survey service might be of value to your project.

Awareness Campaigns

To raise an organisation's awareness of carbon reduction objectives requires a concerted attempt at informing and influencing attitudes, behaviours and beliefs.

Our approach to raising awareness amongst staff draws heavily on the principles of 'social change' marketing.  Social Change Marketing refers to the practice of communicating or selling a 'good idea' with the stated objective of changing attitudes, behaviours and actions.

To find out how our approach to raising awareness will work for your organisation please contact Robert Gevargiz on 01525 864389 for a no obligation discussion.

Staff Mentoring

Highly effective mentoring programs are generally based on a structured format to ensure the desired results are delivered and outcomes achieved.  Our Staff Mentoring service is intended for organisations that are promoting internal staff or extending their brief to lead or manage climate change and carbon reduction projects.  Where newly appointed staff need development in Energy, Carbon & Sustainability Management a period of mentoring assisted by one of our experts will accelerate their contribution and productivity to your organisation.

To find out how our experienced consultants could help with improving staff productivity and skills please contact Robert Gevargiz on 01525 864389 for a free consultation.